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    Yes, Romero Creations ukes are not built the status quo. They sure sound good.
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    Congrats! Romero Creations makes really nice ukes. I think my next uke will be one of theirs. The hard part is deciding which one. I do like these Replicas!
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    Of course, I love my Romero Tiny Tenor, but regardless, I do think that designating one of your own products as a "replica" of one of your other products, is a bit over the top. Sort of like an author quoting himself.
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    Just to chime in, Pepe Romero Jr. makes handmade, tenor-scale ukuleles, I believe in San Diego, that go for about $2-3K. Maybe more for custom orders which have about a year wait. My understanding is that he’s an actual luthier (not just a craftsman/artisan), and he makes different models, but it’s this tenor design that is produced in factories in Vietnam and was given the “replica” designation. I think the replica name has been a turn-off to some, so it’s been redesignated as his “signature” tenor.

    I think the easiest way to distinguish between the replicas and the ones handmade by Pepe Romero himself is the abalone rosette and purfling—the factory made have abalone, whereas the custom ones usually do not. The custom ones also typically lack any logo on the headstock and have a french polish finish as opposed to the gloss finish on the factory models. Basically, the replicas look a little more blingy.

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    Beautiful Romero...congrats!

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