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    Journalists of the American edition of Bleacher Report have created a petition on the website changeorg, in which they call on the team of France Football magazine to present the "Golden Ball" in 2020, the prize for the best player in Europe.
    I think Robert Lewandowski deserves...
    41 matches and 48 goals.
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    Obviously Robert deserves the Golden Ball, he spent an amazing season!

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    Last season, Lewandowski was treated very unfairly, I'm not sure that he will spend at this level and this season.

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    I think you can almost say that any division leader now is in......sadly that would include Dallas. With the expanded playoff this year the third ranked team in each division now has a chance....and we are only 5 games in.

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    This year, while none of the players in the European Cups stand out, I think the European Championship, which (I hope) will be held in summer, will be decisive.

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    Football is a painful topic for me. I can't watch the matches that take part now. Hope everything turns back soon.

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    Yes, there are not enough fans in the stands for emotion!

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    I think the stands will not be full still for a while.
    My favorite team is Barcelona. Do you think there is any good United Statian team here already?

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    I love Barcelona too! Have been a fan for decades. I am also a huge fan of betting on football. What do you think about it, guys? Maybe you can share some tips and good betting services you like to use? As for me, I like 토토사이트 the most, but it would be really cool if you shared any more great services here. I would appreciate any input on it here, thank you a lot in advance and good luck!
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    I used to watch the Dolphins, I could relate to the Cubbie fans. I quit when the politics invaded the game.
    I do follow the FAU Owls, though. I don't think the new coach is anywhere near Lane Kiffin. Great three years. In my heart of hearts I know he wasn't going to stay.

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