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Thread: Using playlists to group an OP

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    Default Using playlists to group an OP

    (Title was chopped off but can’t be fixed)

    I’ve been thinking about the idea of using playlists here on UU. What I mean specifically is the idea of people who post single song efforts using a playlist to allow forum users to easily find and listen to whatever number of songs that have been posted by an individual. Posted in the links section.

    The OP could follow a convention of their user name followed by the word playlist. That would make searching for it easy. If they want more than one playlist they can add more after name and playlist.
    I.E. Username playlist clawhammer.

    I like the idea that you can give a better feel for a body of work and arrange it in any order the OP likes and include whatever they want. Since it will all be accessible through a single link the OP could modify the playlist as he or she wants by adding songs, changing the order, or redoing songs. Like an ongoing album project.

    When a song is originally added it could be posted with its own link so it’s known as a new post and at the same time could be added to the playlist where it could be positioned as the OP wants which would occur at whatever site is hosting the playlist with no need to modify the link.

    If this idea already exists, I missed it. You can make playlists on YouTube but this would be for broader use and make searching for someone’s playlist easy. I don’t see any downside but would be interested if anyone does.

    What do you think?
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    Would this not be a "tag" for the post? Using keywords to make searches easier.
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