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    Red face Myamoe

    Hey guys n gals - just wanted to share a great experience I had.

    Downupdave (from here) and I, got to meet up - chat - he showed me some of his amazing gear.
    Dave was very kind and welcoming and great at explaining things to my newbie knowledge of ukes. If I could give a rating it would be 10/10. I only say that because I belong to a bass guitar forum that gives feedback to buyers/sellers - works great cuz it keeps everyone honest - nobody wants negative feedback!
    Anyway - shout out to Dave - great man...

    I ended up buying his MYAMOE #1324 - Dave has extensive uke(and acoustic guitar) AND string knowledge and this little Mya is a powerhouse!
    I play bass guitar mainly and I thought fingertip issues were a thing of the past for me - been many years without that, Welp, apparently with bass guitar, I use my fingertip pads, not tip tips lol...blisters go away.....right??!! hahaha
    Love this uke - thanks Dave - Cheers

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    Nice to hear about 'ol downup. I'm glad you found him on a good day. And, congrats on the Uke!
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    Yeah Dave is a pretty special man. I have a Romero B6 coming my way I bought from him. Should be here on the 5th.

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    The Mya Moe could not have gone to a nicer guy. Scott is very enthusiastic and has fallen hard for the baritone ukulele. It is always a treat to meet a fellow uker face to face, or should I say mask to mask ��. I loved the instrument but I am thinning the herd and I am so glad it found a wonderful new home. When things get back to normal and our Uke Jam opens up I hope to introduce Scott to the wicked fun we have

    Patrick, I have been tracking the Pepe Romero B6 and hopefully it arrives when promised. You were wise to wait for the cold spell to end before having me ship it out. Please let me know what you think of it once you have put it through it’s paces.
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