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Thread: I See a Router in My Future

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    Default I See a Router in My Future

    I recently finished making a sled for my table saw, and while I was working on that, I thought about making a table for my router. Then I thought I should have some kind of lift mechanism for the router.

    I looked online for both DIY tables and lifts, and I discovered the Triton router with it built-in lift mechanism. You put it in a table, and you run a crank down to a fitting that lets you adjust the height. Great idea! Why don't all routers have that feature? There's a little attachment on the other end of the micro adjustment shaft. That's all it takes.

    Now I have to decide which model to get and then decide on a table design.
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    I use a Triton plunge router in a router table. Works great. It comes with a long handle that goes through a hole in the table to adjust the height of the cutter. The spring for the plunge function is removed from the router. So I don’t have to reach in the router table to turn it on, I have it plugged in to a remote switch along with a vacuum. I’ve used this for a long time with no problems. I have the model that sells for around $250.

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    Porter Cable 890 series. I keep this in the table, and use a DeWalt DWP611 outside, unless I need to use a 1/2" shaft, then the PC comes out.

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