I highly suggest you listen to BlackBear on this. I totally agree with him.

I would also add that you will greatly benefit from getting all your pieces prepped and doing a few (or several if needed) dry runs where you mock up the process just without glue. Do it until you are comfortable with the process as it will keep you from fumbling when the real moment arises.

The thing to remember though is that when glue is added it will sometimes make the bridge want to move around (slippery). This is where the:
hold in place for 5 minutes
put a little weight on the bridge and let it set for a couple of hours or more
comes in. If you put the weight on right away it is likely to slip out of position. That 5 mins allows the glue to tack up and keep it from slipping.

This is a simple fix if you get the process right. Just get yourself some Titebond Original (Titebond Original with the red cap can be found at just about any hardware store for a few bucks), take your time and make sure everything is clean and prepped. I will also note that it would be better done at a time your humidity is average rather than overly dry or overly humid. Does not have to be perfect just around average for your area.

All the best!