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Thread: Would you sell...?

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    Default Would you sell...?

    I could post this in Guitar Talk, but it's technically a ukulele talk about a guitar ;-)
    I am curious what ukulele players would say about this scenario, particularly if any of you have been there before as well.
    I've had this sweet little Canadian made Norman B20 Folk acoustic guitar since I was 13 and loved playing it as a teenager. In the past twenty years since then (where does the time go?), I've only played it sporadically. I picked it up recently a few times and, while I'm admittedly attached to it, don't feel the same spark as back then. I've also had an entry level ukulele for about 15 years that I only played sporadically as well until the last two months. I've been playing the ukulele every day it is such fun! I'm currently waiting for a nicer (but still technically entry level) Ohana SK-25 as an upgrade.
    My question: would you keep the guitar? It's not exactly in the way but I live in a condo so it does take up some space. Playing the uke might inspire me to play guitar again, but so far that remains to be seen. Lately I much prefer playing that ukulele.

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    Yes, I'd keep it. I still keep my French Horn, unplayed since 1975, and assorted other instruments that I haven't played in years. So, knowing me, I'd keep it.
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    If it's been several years and if it doesn't bring you joy to even handle it, let it go to someone who will enjoy it. I've had to do this many times over... "and in the end" (The Beatles) there is "peace of mind" (Rare Bird) to move on. "It only hurts for a little while" (The Ames Brothers/Anne Murray.)

    Now if it does still have its charm, then by all means keep it.

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    I played guitar for almost 50 years before I took up the ukulele in 2013. I still had the first brand new guitar I bought in 1975, an Ovation Applause 6 string acoustic. After a year of only playing the uke, I never touched my guitars and I gave away all four to my nephew, a very accomplished player, the Applause, an Applause 12 string, an Ibanez archtop jazz and a Fender Telecaster. I've never felt a need to play guitar again, the ukulele, as well as bass uke, fulfill me completely.

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    Only get rid of it if you're sure. I've read and heard many stories about people trying to hunt down their old guitars
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    I'd keep it, cause you just never know......

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    I would say keep it. If you end up playing JUST ukulele for a long time, then maybe think again about selling it. Once it's gone you can't get it back. Of course you could get another guitar, but all those Canadian made brand names from the Godin company are nice and much more expensive now. So I'd say be sure about it.

    On a personal note: I've sold my guitar(s) before to go all uke. I always ended up getting another guitar at some point.

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    You own it free and clear and you don't have to feed it. You are a young man and you may want to pick it up occasionally some time in the future. I'm for keeping it.

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    I'd keep it for now. You said you still has some attachment to it. Hard to get back if you let it go. Sometime down the road after you have played your ukulele's inside out you can think about it again. Several people in the local ukulele group play multiple stringed instruments, in our zoom meets they are sometimes played and I like the dimension this brings to the group. You may find yourself playing both instruments in the future.

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    I sell instruments I never play. Maybe it's because I don't have room for a ton of things, but it's more likely I don't really get very attached to things I don't use.
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