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    I reached out to Sumimaru the other day to see if they had any ukes in stock, and they had this concert which has been demo'd at a number of shows. Got a great deal on it, and I couldn't be happier. I'm generally a tenor guy, but this is a great option for a travel uke! Probably one of the lightest ukes I've ever held, and amazing volume. It is a little slick, so you have to hold it snug. These aren't a model commonly offered by Sumimaru, but if you happen to see that they have one available, I highly recommend it. I also found that it fits nicely in the Kala travel concert thin gig bag, which makes it that much better for travel!! I recommend buying any Sumimaru uke from my personal experience.
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    That is really a neat looking uke, and I love how compact it is. I think I would fall for that too.
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    Congrats, it looks really cool.
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