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Thread: Hot news!! Vorson Electrics are finally available!!

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    Default Hot news!! Vorson Electrics are finally available!!

    I know many of you have been waiting for this news for over 6 months!
    Both Zzounds and American Music Supply have finally received their shipments!

    I found out when my credit card was billed by Zzounds this morning. I had placed my order in early November.
    They didn't notify me either, so I am a bit pissed at them, but hey! Great news for everyone!

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    I've had good experiences with zZounds (correct spelling), might be a COVID temporary difficulty.

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center
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    I know people seem to be hot on these and the price is certainly low and I have never held one or played one but I look at the pick ups, the whole package........I suppose if wanted to play in a thrash band or emulate Pete Townsend from back in the day I might buy half a case now and

    My money is too valuable to waste.......but then again it's only money..........if you are happy who am I to say what is right for you to buy and play.........

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    I have to say the Vorson is just pure fun for right at $100.
    I have a difficult time putting it down. Decided to keep the one zzsounds is sending me so I can have one with a high G and one with a low g.

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