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Thread: Review: Koa Kalane Solid Acacia Pineapple Soprano

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    Default Review: Koa Kalane Solid Acacia Pineapple Soprano

    Koa Kalane is back on my channel with a couple more instruments, one being an instrument that was on my wish list--their solid acacia soprano pineapple.

    It looks great, sounds good with a warm tone, and is at an amazing price. The neck was thicker and more C-shaped than the concert Koa Kalane models that I hav played, and I think the included Aquila Super Nylgut strings aren't helping it much. I'm looking forward to putting Martin M600 strings on it. It could also benefit with a side position marker (like the other Koa Kalane models I have reviewed).

    Still..a rather nice model at a unbelievable price.

    Full UkeGuide review below; as well as the One Minute Ukulele Review. Printed UkeGuide for this instrument is available at or

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    Hello... I just got my KoaKalane solid acacia soprano delivered and it is very nice. The acacia is beautiful with some flame and it has the solid one-piece neck. It even has the abalone inlay turtles. The fret ends are very sharp but a little filing should fix that (and some new strings will help too). This uke has an acacia fretboard and saddle and I’m not sure if this is good or not. Thanks for your review and I agree with your assessment. This is a real value for $155 delivered from Honolulu.

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    I bought one of these last year (direct from Hawaii) and like it a lot. Your review is very fair. I found myself in agreement all the way.

    The neck profile is chunky, but not so much that it becomes a problem. I feel the difference after I've been playing one of my other sopranos, but soon adjust. I have retained the original strings. I like the instrument's "voice" as it is, but might try a different type of string when replacement time rolls around.

    A really good ukulele and amazing value for money.

    John Colter

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