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Thread: Tin Ear - Wisconsin U.S.A.

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    Off topic but, which pintables do you own?

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    I have a very good collection of Modern Stern's and also like the pins that American Pinball has made. Hot Wheels is a blast to play, has a classic feel to it and fun to play.

    My Stern's do include some music themed pins including the Beatles, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden. Don't know of any pinball machines that have Ukulele tied into the theme so the aforementioned music pins will be as close as we get from the topic road. My pinball journey started out with 1960's and 1970's electromechanical pinball machines ( the old ones with score reels and tons of mechanical switches ) but 4-5 years ago I bought my first modern game and I wound up eventually selling off the old games and started buying the new games. We actually have a local pinball league in my area. Myself and some others have enough machines to host the league. It's been over a year since that has taken place but with some luck maybe in fall we will get back to regular league. The other night was the first time I have had friends over to play in over a year. A few friends that are fully vaccinated came over and it was very nice to play some pinball with others.

    It was really neat to do that and of course I had to show my friend Rob my recent purchase of Ukes and I was happy to send one home with him. Known him for years and he is as active as can be with the Youth Group from our Church. I know that Uke will get used there too - so maybe it will spark some younger people to consider giving it a go with a Uke some time.

    There will be a delivery man or two showing up with another Uke or two at my house soon anyway.

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