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Thread: Cordoba Ukes

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    Default Cordoba Ukes

    I am curious about general opinion on Cordoba Ukes. Full disclosure, I primarily play only Cordoba Ukes. I don't have any real loyalty to the brand, it's just that the first "nice" ukulele I ever got as a gift was a Protoge concert by Cordoba, and I've just ended up buying Cordoba soprano and tenor instead of instruments from other brands. I think they sound great, but don't have a lot to compare it to aside from my daughter's Mitchell soprano, which does not sound nearly as good as any of my Cordobas (though I would not expect the Mitchell to sound better than any uke prices at higher that $45). Anyhow. Anybody else have a Cordoba? The one I play most is my Tenor and it's plays beautifully for the price. Even without the price.

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    I've never seen a Cordoba ukulele at a dedicated ukulele store. I've only seen them at big box stores like Guitar Center. Guitar Center does not inspect or setup the ukuleles that they sell and the Cordoba ukuleles that I have seen there always have action that is so high that the instruments are painful to play.

    For my money, I'd rather buy from a dedicated ukulele store (even mail order) that will do quality control inspections and setups for every instrument that they sell. Cordoba doesn't seem to have any features or specifications that I can't find on competing brands that are sold at real ukulele stores.

    Ukulele store owners have told me that they don't sell certain brands because of quality control problems. They didn't mention Cordoba in particular, but the fact that I never see them in any ukulele stores tells me something.

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    Wow, I must be pretty lucky. I played guitar and bass for years before going to ukulele so I am familiar with different types of action and setups. I'm happy to report each of my Cordobas appear to be set up great.
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    I had a Cordoba Mini guitalele for awhile and thought a lot of it. It was a little longer and wider than I like so I let it go, but I have no problem recommending the Mini. Can't speak to the 4 stringers though
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    The 2nd or 3rd ukulele I bought was a Cordoba TM-20. I played a couple at a guitar center (along with a couple of Mitchell and Fender - I won't touch either of those, ever again) and it was OK. If they had been able to find the gig bag that came with it, I'd have bought the Cordoba. Not only could they not find the bag that came with it, they didn't even offer to give, or try to sell, a hard shell case. And I asked.

    So I walked.

    I went to a local music store I've been dealing with for probably 40 years at that time, and asked them to order one for me.

    When it came it, one of the sales guys tried to charge me $35 for the gig bag - so I pulled out my computer, and showed him on the Cordoba Site that the bag was included. He started to argue, when the owner, Tony - who I've known since elementary school - told him that when HE had placed the order, Cordoba had assured him that the case was included. (And the salesman wondered why I never wanted to deal with him, after that...)

    The TM-20 was nearly perfect out of the box. While the tuners have a smidgen of wiggle - like a lot of tuners - the intonation was great. I still have Aquila strings, on it, and it plays great. Sounds good to me all the way up the neck, to the 14th fret.

    When I need to bring an instrument to a school, this is the one I take. It can be loud or soft, and if a kid want to try it, I have no problems.

    While I couldn't replace this instrument, especially not for the $159 I paid for it, if something were to happen to it I wouldn't cry.


    But it is a lovely instrument. I'm not a big fan of the Cordobas with pickup and preamp from the factory, but I haven't heard an acoustic Cordoba Ukulele that didn't sound nice.

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    Cordobas have a special place in my memory. I started playing because I saw a beautiful woman in New Rochelle playing a Cordoba. I know that's creepy, but it is my story. I bought a solid Cordoba tenor and it cost twice as much as the Oscar Schmidt I started on, and it was easily twice as good. My only complaint with the Cordoba was its somewhat smallish size. It always seemed more like a concert to me. However, there was nothing wrong with it in any way. I got rid of it because I decided to get top-tier ukuleles and I knew that I wouldn't play my Cordoba after I had effectively replaced it with better ukuleles.

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    I have a Cordoba 21B Spruce & Striped Ebony Baritone in my collection, and I think it's well-made, and sounds nice, especially considering its price point.

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    uke-fan has a few on their website, but then again one picture shows an ohana. they also have a lovely makala 'trap door' model

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    When the college music club I advise set out to start a 'ukulele consort 2-3 years ago (I like to think I had something to do with that, but I cannot take any credit ), they selected a handful of B-stock, solid-topped Cordoba ukes. A couple of the ukes needed a bit of setup work, but it was nothing out of the ordinary, and they all sound great for sub-$200 instruments.

    I'd love to try one of their more expensive all-solid ukes with the installed Baggs 5.0.
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    An all laminate Cordoba was my 1st concert scale uke. It had to be taken back to Sam Ash Music, where I bought it, to be set up for ANOTHER 40.00!
    After that, I got along with it pretty well. I know a guy who plays a Cordoba soprano, and he loves it. I used to jam with a guy who played a Cordoba tenor, which he really liked.
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