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    Quote Originally Posted by Timbuck View Post
    Hi Dibblet...I enjoyed that , lots of good info there...I met Tim Hunkin at a festival in Stockton about 25 years ago where i was working...and we had a long chat... He's a brilliant guy.
    Agreed. Remarkable chap. He's releasing a whole series of videos like that on youtube. One every couple of days it seems. That was today's offering and I thought it was relevant here. All the "secret life of..." programs that were on the telly years ago are there too.

    Hide glue fans need to watch to the end. He redeems himself of the rather dismissive mention early on.

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    Wish i could thumbs up the info in this thread. Love learning random things that may be useful in the future.

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    If you're ordering anything from LMI in the future, try their yellow instrument glue. It's hands down the best PVA I've ever used. It doesn't tack off too quick but it cures very quickly. I routinely take parts out of clamps after only an hour or two and move on to the next step. It sands and cuts much more cleanly than some other PVAs (no more gumming up sandpaper!). It's very hard when dry which helps avoid creep (easy to get on TB II since it's pretty rubbery when cured). It doesn't give you the risk of a dark glue line (which can happen on lighter woods with TB III). It's a nice consistency - not too thick or too thin - which makes it easy to spread for larger joints. It's really just perfect for instruments. And a bonus, it has a UV dye in it, so you can check your work before finishing to see if any renegade glue stains are about to cause you headaches!

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    I can back up what dwizum says about the LMI instrument glue. Great stuff.

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