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Thread: The Sceptre is back!

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    Hi everyone,

    I just saw a video from SUS. Looks like the sceptre is back! The bridge is absolutely gorgeous. I love the layered headstock too. They sound really bright!

    Unfortunately I don’t think I can afford them! So I will just look from afar.
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    Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing this. I love to see Pop's work.

    I own a Pop's Pineapple Sunday (as well as a concert Thai Pi) and while I would love to add a Sceptre to the collection, I don't think the budget can take that sort of hit right now...
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    I think the concept of it being acceptable to have nicks/dings from manufacture and other quirks (like inaccurate string spacing) is an interesting one when it comes to individually handcrafted instruments.

    For a factory instrument, such imperfections would be frowned upon as poor quality control and craftsmanship.
    But in this context (historically significant individual maker), it almost seems celebrated and evidence that you are getting a unique, handmade instrument.

    Judging by the Youtube comments, it seems some view it as a positive but some view it as a negative (For that money I'd expect better quality standards, consistency, etc).

    From my viewpoint, I think I'd be extremely lucky to have a Sceptre handbuilt by the founder of Koaloha himself.

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