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Thread: Season 479 - Destination Known

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    Default Season 479 - Destination Known

    Season 479 - Destination Known

    Welcome to Season 479 - Destination Known

    I welcome all songs, covers and originals, that mention places you've actually been: any city name, state or province name, country name, county name, street name, continent name, have to have actually been there. The proper name can be in the title or the lyrics, or both. No imaginary places, please. If you have, by chance, been to the moon, it is fair game, too. If you have not been to the moon, please, no moon songs. In your forum post, please tell us your connection to the place mentioned in the song, whether you have lived there, visited there, landed in it's airport, passed through on the highway, etc. Be specific. I will be checking your backstory. Or, not. But please do try to convince me that you've been to the place named in the song. I am especially encouraging original songs about places that have formed you. Also, I love an odd-sounding town name. So, if you know one, write me something.

    Usual rules apply. New recordings only, fresh for season 479, please label the video as such in some way, either in the video information on YouTube, or visually on the video, or audibly in the video, simple production is fine, complicated production is fine, bring me what you like to do, originals are strongly encouraged, collaborations would be lovely to see, please start posting after midnight, Hawaii time, tonight, April 17th, 2021 and cease and desist exactly 8 days later, no song limit this week, but, bear in mind, this is my first time as the gatekeeper, so have some mercy. I'm thinking about prizes. Most likely, IF there are prizes, they will go to my favorite original, my favorite cover and most odd-sounding place name(real place, please)

    Here is one to get us started:

    PLAYLIST here
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    Great theme, Liz - enjoy your debut hosting week!
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    Great theme indeed!

    i'm interested in one thing, and one thing only. and that's the eurovision song contest.

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    I've been waiting to cover Toto's "Africa"!

    But darnnit... I've never been there!
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    Me and my wife made a trip by Train trough Ireland two years ago, and we visited a few great places, we started in Dingle (which is in the south and beautiful), then went to Dublin, then on to Portrush (also beautiful but in the North), and then on to Belfast. It was a great trip, when we where going to Dingle, we talked to some Irish people in the train, and when we said we where going to Dublin, after we left Dingle, they asked us why. They where definitely not City people, because we loved Dublin, but I agree with them, it does not have the beauty of Dingle. Anyway, this is a song by Prefabs Sprout called Dublin.
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    This should be a real fun theme Liz. Thanks for that. I've been to a lot of strange places but this isn't one of them. This is one of the most visited places on earth. I had a holiday in Italy one winter with my girlfriend at the time. Venice was supposed to be a romantic highlight but by then things were not going so well between us. I think there were a couple of days of no talkies. I do remember the light snow in the square being quite beautiful. Although our romance crashed and burned she is still a good friend many years later.
    Here's an original inspired by that long ago holiday. I think the poor man's jazz stylings are more suited to Venice than say my canoe trip up the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

    When the snow falls in Venice
    It gets cold on a heart
    In this stubborn old theatre
    We both play our part
    You blamed me for the fall of Rome
    But that was last week’s news
    Now love’s labor’s gone and lost
    And The Doge has got the blues
    When the snow falls in Venice
    There’s no one left in the square
    Just one drunken sailor
    Who’s not sure why he’s there
    Even Saint Mark has packed his bags
    And left for the south of France
    And Life the Lazy Pickpocket
    Stole the last of our romance
    When the snow fall in Venice
    I’m all Bridge of Sighs
    I think that I’m clever
    But you’re all Bridge of Rolled Eyes
    Remember the fun we had
    In that little village by the coast
    But that was in a different time and place
    Before we became each other’s ghost.

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    Thanks for hosting this one Liz x I don't travel anywhere that takes longer than 4hrs (I just can't sit still long enough) so I've pretty much only ever been around Europe but as a Londoner I will kick off with a borough of London that I've both worked in and visited many times over the years . (One of my nephews Is based in an office that overlooks Waterloo Bridge today)

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    Last year i went on holiday to Silesia in Poland ... i flew into Katowice and went to Gliwice, both mentioned in the song ...

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    Dance Hall Girls by Allen Fraser

    Fraser & DeBolt were a Canadian folk duo, active in the late '60s and early '70s.
    Allen wrote Dance Hall Girls, which has the tag line, "Is that the way it always is here in Baltimore?"
    When he played in Cobourg, Allen said that people often assumed that this line referred to Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, he based it on Baltimore, Ontario, a village about 5 minutes north of Cobourg. While he had never spent any time in Baltimore, he saw the sign on the 401 Highway every time he drove from Montreal to Toronto and liked the sound of the name.
    I lived for about a decade in Baltimore and my sons spent the first 5 years of their lives in Baltimore. I built two banjos and a dulcimer in my Baltimore workshop. I proposed to my darlin', lovely wife in Baltimore.
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    Good morning, Seasonistas! I woke up to what I consider a wonderful start to the season, fantastic cover songs about Dublin, London and Silesia, from Wim, Mark C and Charley, in that order, and a stellar original work about Venice and a waning romance from John down under. Please treat yourself and go have a look! I am loving the back stories, so please include those for me. Happy gatekeeper, here. Jim Yates slipped in a gem about a Baltimore I didn't know just as I was writing this. Thank you, Jim, and I love the photos you post!
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