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Thread: NUD: Cocobolo Ukuleles Concert Pineapple

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    Default NUD: Cocobolo Ukuleles Concert Pineapple

    Ok, I'll try to keep this one short because I really want the uke to do the talking but I'll do a quick preamble as per usual.

    Late last year, I was lucky enough to get to buy a Cocobolo Long Neck Soprano (which I'm selling here BTW ). I love it but I still thought I maybe want a concert and also one with that nice sapwood which mine didn't have on the top. During the following few months, I only chose to participate in the Cocobolo lotteries I knew I really wanted rather than all of them. Early this month, they put a few concert pineapples for the lottery and I knew I just had to have one... and boy did I get lucky...


    I mean just look at that sapwood... it's absolutely stunning. Dare I say that the back might even be a bit overkill.
    As mentioned, I'll mostly let the uke do the talking but I'll just mention that I love the few subtle pineapple features like the pointy headstock and the pineapple side sound port.

    Here's a sound sample I quickly made:
    I really hope I was able to capture how magnificently resonant this thing is. There's a lovely shimmer on all levels of frequencies, although mostly in the mids to be fair. The sound is very balanced.

    Playability is excellent, typical for all Cocobolos with that lovely radiused fretboard. Action was a bit too high for me but that's already been taken care of.

    So yeah, go buy my Long Neck Soprano. I ain't letting this one go for sure.

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    I am so glad that someone here got one of the concert pineapples! I certainly don't need any more ukuleles, but the concert pinapple Cocobolo's have me sorely tempted.

    A beautiful instrument and a lovely sound sample! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
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    Sounds good! I was tempted by them, but I'm waiting for the right tenor. Then I'll sell my Cocobolo concert.
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    Thank you for sharing this tempting piece. I'm keen on getting one.

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    That is really nice. I already have a concert uke but I'd love that in soprano if I had the dosh
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