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Spieler, I love them both. They both have the sound and easy playability that I look for in a uke. They are both light, resonant builds. My AMM3 doesn't have tall frets like you speak of, and I find the string spacing ideal for me. In all honesty, my Rebel has taken a back seat as the KoAloha KTM, the Tiny Tenor, a custom, and now the AMM3 have come in. So I haven't directly compared the two. When I get a chance I will do so, and see if I can notice differences - besides the radius fretboard on the aNueNue, of course.
Thanks for your quick and thoughtful response! Much appreciated. I look forward to any further impressions.
(If nothing else, I really enjoy comparing and contrasting different offerings, and hearing others' takes on the same-- it's fascinating how similar-yet-different each instrument can be!)

I don't know that my AMM2's frets are *tall*, there's just something making a difference and I subjectively think they may be either slightly taller or slightly more squared off.

Regardless: have fun out there. :-)

~ S.