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Thread: Ukulele Tuning Pegs

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    Question Ukulele Tuning Pegs

    Hi guys,

    I need to change out my tuning pegs for my Kala Tenor Ukulele, they're geared tuning pegs. One of the pegs slips, and it doesn't tune well.

    I have a Kala KA-TE ...I want to buy pegs from Kala but since they're in the U.S. it's crazy shipping prices to Canada. Does anyone have any recommendations for geard pegs I could get for my KA-TE? or is it better to order straight from Kala?

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    I recommend Gotoh UPT or UPTL Tuners (ukulele planetary tuners). They look similar to friction tuners, but are in fact geared and are smooth as silk. The small screw mounting holes from your geared tuners may still show. You'll have to enlarge the mounting hole for the peg. But they are excellent tuners. and carry them.
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    I have ukuleles with cheap pegs (sometimes very cheap pegs) and expensive pegs (sometimes very expensive pegs).

    TBH, once they are on I forget which are which.

    I like these ones:

    They're fine.

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    you ought to be able to find those fairly easily, although maybe not a perfect match. but kala may replace for free. I've had 2 instances now where one of their garbage open tuners starts grinding, they send one replacement and the button doesn't match so they then send an entire replacement set. email them and see what they will do

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