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Thread: FS: Curly Maple and Cherry Solid Body Steel Stringed Electric Tenor

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    Default FS: Curly Maple and Cherry Solid Body Steel Stringed Electric Tenor

    Handmade solid body electric tenor ukulele featuring a bookmatched curly maple top, quilted cherry body, laminated curly maple neck, paua abalone binding, and shop-made hardware including brass bridge, wood knobs, and wood-cased magnetic pickup. The combination of figured woods, abalone binding, and shiny brass bridge give this uke a very clean and classy appearance.

    The neck is a laminate of curly maple with cherry veneer accents. The fretboard is curly maple with binding made from maple and spectacular blue paua abalone. The fretboard also features paua abalone front and side dot markers at 5, 7, 10, and 12. The headplate is cherry. The body is of solid construction with a quilted cherry back and a bookmatched curly maple top. The top features more maple and paua abalone binding, matching the neck binding. All of the wood used in this ukulele was harvested in my home state of New York - I get a lot of enjoyment out of building locally!

    This ukulele features a shop-made solid brass wraparound style bridge which is mounted on locking chrome studs. The bridge has been finished with a light coat of wax. This ukulele has geared Grover tuners, ebony nut, and medium-jumbo frets. The nut width is 35mm and string spacing at the bridge is 41mm. The neck has a medium-slim C profile. The finish is hand-rubbed oil and wax, which gives a really nice warm satin/semigloss glow, and a clean, fast feel on the neck. The finish has been applied without pore filling, so the instrument retains the attractive look and feel of natural polished wood.

    It is strung with Ernie Ball Slinky strings, 10 through 26 gauge, and is tuned in low G. If you're happy with low G tuning, this uke can use the top four strings from just about any typical electric guitar string set. If you'd like high G, you can simply swap the wound 26 gauge G string for an 09 or 10 gauge string. This ukulele features a shop-made guitar-style magnetic humbucking pickup mounted in a case made from cherry with a maple accent stripe. The pickup features a volume and tone control with shop-made cherry and maple knobs. The pickup has been specifically designed for this ukulele with the intention of giving maximum versatility. Despite being a humbucker, the coils have very narrow apertures which gives a very clear and well defined single-coil tone, without becoming too harsh or trebly. With the tone and volume all the way up, played into a clean channel on a guitar amp, the ukulele has a very telecaster-like tone, with a lot of jangly twang. Roll the tone back and the uke takes on a mellow jazzy character. Played through an overdrive or fuzz pedal, or an overdriven tube amp, the tone is close to a typical bridge-position overdriven electric guitar tone - you can add as much distortion as you'd like and it stays tight and focused. it's very freeing to play a uke-sized instrument with a nice fast fretboard that can hit all these different voices and it opens the door to all kinds of fun!

    The action is set low at just over 1.5 mm at the 12th fret, with a minimal nut height. Despite the higher tension of steel strings, the incredibly low action gives this ukulele an almost telepathic feel when playing - it's easy to dance around the fretboard with speed. There is a recessed side mounted barrel jack and the rear-routed control cavity has a cherry cover with magnetic latches.

    $740 for the ukulele, and $80 for shipping in a hardshell case. Can negotiate local pickup (in central New York state, near Syracuse). Let me know if there are any questions. I'll post more photos and a sound sample shortly.
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    And here's a short video clip with sound samples:

    This sound sample is the uke played through an Egnater Tweaker 40 with the tone controls flat. The first segment is on the clean channel, gain turned up until it just began to overdrive. Volume and tone on the uke at full. Second segment is on the dirty channel, with a Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal activated, controls on the Pi are flat and the vol and tone on the uke are full on.
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