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Thread: Going to Fiddlers' Green

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    Default Going to Fiddlers' Green

    We broke loose from Covid isolation yesterday, and took a day trip to Lockhart, Texas to visit Fiddlers' Green. I'd never been to that shop before. I must say they have a nice selection of Ukuleles. I didn't see any high end Ukes there, but they had a lot of low to medium priced instruments. I think the prices ranged from about $125 to around $650. I recall seeing Pono, Snail, Ohana, Goldtone, Leolani and others that don't come to mind right now. I was mainly impressed at how many they had on hand. All were available for customers to try out, and they have a comfortable couch to sit on while playing. The shop has a lot of other stringed instruments too, so banjo, violin, and mandolin players wouldn't be disappointed. It was a fun little trip. Lockhart is cute little western town, centered around a stunning 19th Century county courthouse. Well worth your time to visit.
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    And of course you don't need a high end uke. Just 4 strings and a smile
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    It looks like they have a web presence too:

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