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Thread: F/s: Koaloha ktm-25 factory special tenor ukulele

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    Default F/s: Koaloha ktm-25 factory special tenor ukulele

    F/S: KOALOHA KTM-25 FACTORY SPECIAL TENOR UKULELE. The uke is used and in excellent / like-new condition. I am the only owner since purchasing the instrument brand new later last year. This particular example has great looking wood with sapwood down the bottom middle and a little curl here and there. Body is gloss finished, headstock is black, and tuners are the same ones found across the 25th anniversary line. The uke sounds characteristically bright and yet has nice bottom end in low G tuning. There are no scratches, dents or dings. What makes the instrument a factory special is a cosmetic surface crack on one side that shows up as a short darker line (see pictures). Surface of the imperfection is glass smooth.

    I sell because I recently was able to acquire an all-koa anniversary Koaloha red label tenor ukulele, and want to keep my collection as minimalist as possible. Asking price is $**SOLD** shipped within the U.S. A black hard case is included.
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    A few more pictures:
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    Such a beauty!
    Know yourself. Play uke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dionysis View Post
    Such a beauty!
    Hi Dionysis, I sent you PM a few days ago. Would you pls check it out?

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    Yes indeed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dionysis View Post
    Such a beauty!

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    I have one of these. Mine has a just barely discernable blemish - it took me a few minutes to find it when I first got it. Anyway, a wonderful Uke at a great price! GLWTS.

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    That’s a beauty ��.
    Is it possible for you a shipping in Europa (Belgium) ?
    ..... and the price for the shipping ?
    Thx a lot

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    Agreed, Three Tenors - my first thought when I was told of this instrument's so-called imperfection was "That's it??" Because I buy my ukes to play, I'd take a flaw like this any day in exchange for a little discount.

    Hi Ukuleleben - In an ideal world, I'd ship anywhere around the world. Though the hassles with international shipping encourage me to keep the shipping destinations within the U.S. Thanks!

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    This beauty is sold. Thanks UU!
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