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Thread: Anyone Have Sensitive Ring Finger on Fret Hand

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    Question Anyone Have Sensitive Ring Finger on Fret Hand

    I have callouses on my fret hand fingers, but my ring finger ... sometimes if I accidentally hit it in just the right spot, wow it can sting a bit. It get sensitive when I out in cold weather too.

    I notice it when I am typing too. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Exercise your finger(s). Play your steel string guitar making sure you use your ring finger on the tip as you would playing uke.

    The steel strings will build up callouses very quickly. Just make sure they are in the correct part of the finger.
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    Hi Kenn

    At month eight of learning baritone uke and guitar the ring finger on the fret hand locked in the down position and needed to be unbent using the other hand.

    No pain just annoying. Needed a month to mostly recover.

    Trained myself to stop over clenching and to fret gently. The relaxed approach is easy on my hands and more enjoyable.

    I got guitar gloves for cold weather. Next winter I'll try fingerless gloves.

    Some of the players in our community developed age related arthritis, and are learning to use a bottle neck slide and slide chords.

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    I have some arthritis, and my ring finger is bent making it difficult for certain chords.

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