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Thread: Uke #10, ambrosia-maple/spruce Mezzo

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    Default Uke #10, ambrosia-maple/spruce Mezzo

    Hello, I thought you might be interested in seeing how this one turned out. I used a piece of ambrosia maple that someone gave to me, for the back and sides and headplate. I left the beetle-holes unfilled! For this build, I tried to take my time and resist temptation to rush.
    Also, this was my first time using fretboard binding, and pre-cutting the fret tangs and shaping to semi-hemi before installing. Worked out great - no more torn up hands due to rough edges - thanks to Beau Hannam for the instructional video!

    The sides are two-ply laminated thin maple... trying to go for extra-rigidity and mass there. Again, thanks to Beau and others for ideas on that.

    Took close to 2 months.

    Scale length: 14.25" (13th fret to body) Thanks gerardg for this idea!
    Top: Spruce
    Back, sides, headplate, bridge, fretboard-binding: Maple
    Neck: Butternut
    Fretboard, nut, saddle: Persimmon
    side dots: walnut
    fretboard dots: shell

    Sounds good, maybe my best one yet. A bit on the bright side and punchy. Strums nicely with Freemont blacklines.

    Maple/Spruce Mezzo by d5172, on Flickr

    Back by d5172, on Flickr

    Ambrosia Maple Back/Sides by d5172, on Flickr

    Side by d5172, on Flickr

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    Looks like it turned out well.

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    Love that back and the beetle holes

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    Wow, such a striking contrast in the wood of the back!
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