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    General finishes armor seal. Considering using Armor seal on a koa instrument that I Just finished up Would like some input if this finished Would look good on koa And should I filler Be used thank you any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    Armor Seal is a highly rated finish. But, and it’s a big but, hand lotions and some other things penetrate the finish, and leave dark stains. This has been confirmed by General Finish. Cleaners won’t fix it, stripping is required. For an item that will be held for long periods by hand, I wouldn’t use it. It’s a great finish for other things. JMHO

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    I used it on a mahogany dining table and I got a beautiful initial finish but it hasn't held up. It scratches very easily. My local woodworking shop sprays Endurovar over it so I may sand back and try that because endurovar seems pretty durable. That said, I am finishing a mahogany tenor with it to use up the can I have. The finish dries in the can quickly so you have to be careful storing.
    I probably won't buy it again.

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    I had an unlucky run with General Finishes products where the cans didn't seal well after opening, and therefore I ended up with wasted product. This hasn't really happened with other brands. This occurred several years ago, so hopefully they've corrected the issue by now (if it was more than my bad luck).

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