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Thread: Rewiew of Vorson K Style Electric Uke

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    Wink Rewiew of Vorson K Style Electric Uke

    As some of you may know I waited a couple of months for this uke to come out. Here are some of the specs on it ...

    Product Specifications
    Vorson Electric Ukulele K Style with Gig Bag

    Model: VORSON JX-2 BK Electric Ukulele
    Style : "X" Type
    Scale: Tenor
    Body: Paulowina
    Neck: Maple
    Fretboard: SRC (Simulated Rosewood Composite)
    Pickups: Dual Single Coils
    Controls: Volume , 3- way Toggle
    Tuners: Die cast
    Hardware: Chrome
    Finish: Gloss Black
    Accessories: gig bag and cable

    This uke of course uses steel strings. It came with a high G string, but I prefer the low G. I used a guitar D string for a low G.

    One of the features on the Vorson electric ukulele is the adjustable truss rod. I guess you usually don’t see this on ukuleles in this price range, which would be a plus. It’s probably included in part to help deal with the tension of the steel strings.

    The truss rod makes it very easy to adjust the action. The bridge is also adjustable, so you can fine-tune intonation for each string. These both make the ukulele a very easily playable instrument. Intonation is good but needed adjustment out of the box, and the neck and frets are quite comfortable.

    They have magnetic pickups installed. Doesn't seem to be that loud compared to the acoustic/electric uke I have when hooked up to a 10W Blackstar amp. It also has the same two-pickup configuration as most electric guitars. One is closer to the bridge for a brighter, twangier sound, while the other is near the neck for a rounder, fuller tone. It's a simple toggle switch. There’s also a volume. but no tone knob one of the features I don't like. If they can put one on the S and LP style why didn't they do it for the E,K, and V style, when there is no price difference between them and the S style?

    If you’re a ukulele player looking for an electric sound, the Vorson is definitely worth checking out at a price between $120-$140 depending on which style you get. I got the K style because I like the in line tuning, but would recommend the S style if you want a tone control.

    Excellent price
    Good sound

    Volume a little low
    No tone knob

    Here is a sound review. The S sounds just like the K except for the tone control. 3 mins
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