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Thread: Have You Used a ToneRite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaii 50 View Post
    i use it and it works for me
    Works for me as well

    I've even used it on polycarbonate and carbon fiber ukes. why? for me
    it's all about getting individual pieces that make up the ukulele to vibrate
    together. anyway, that's the concept that swayed me into getting and using one.

    I'm convinced that it's worked for me. Sometimes I've left it on an instrument
    for weeks or even months and I think it's made a big difference from what I
    remember the instrument sounding initially. I like a mellow sound and I believe
    it mellows out the ukulele.

    NOTE: I said 'think' and 'believe' because I'm giving my personal impressions and
    not any kind of scientific, external or even measurable outcomes. It's purely
    subjective. And I find that I subjectively think and believe it does open up my ukes.

    keep uke'in',
    Uncle Rod Higuchi
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    Perception is reality.
    There is a subtle yet profound difference between the learning of something and the knowing of that thing.
    You can learn by reading, but you don't begin to know until you begin to try to do.

    --Lou Churchill, Plane & Pilot Magazine

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