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Thread: 2020 Kamaka HF-3 Tenor Mint!

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    Default 2020 Kamaka HF-3 Tenor Mint!

    Ok I’ve lowered the price as far as I can go to $1075. A one month old, 5 minutes of play time, 2020 like new condition Kamaka HF-3 seems like a fantastic deal to me. We’ll see. Blank warranty card, Kamaka case. Will package well, insure and ship free to conus. PayPal.
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    What a beauty!
    I have a question about the finish: it looks maybe satin or semi-gloss.
    Has Kamaka gone to a less glossy finish than the early 2000's (the newest one I have owned).
    If so, I much prefer it! Lovely.

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    Yes Kamaka has gone to a semi gloss although it has more sheen than a typical semi gloss. Plus it is all closed pores so it has a very smooth surface. Looks outstanding and feels great in the hand. HMS orders all their’s in the semi gloss. In fact I think full gloss is a special order now. Anyway, it’s a beautiful finish!

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    I love my 3 Kamakas! Good luck with the sale! I like the stripe down the middle of yours as well!
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    Thanks, it’s some very nice Koa!

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    I’ve lowered the price to $1075. That’s as low as I can go. Seems like a fantastic price to me. We’ll see.

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