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Thread: Working my way through ukes...

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    I agree with Kenn2018 about a koa ukulele. I have a 100 year anniversary Kamaka "standard" soprano with Kamaka strings on it just to hear what Kamaka calls the "standard". I realize that it might not sound anything like the Kamaka soprano sounded 100 years ago (and it also sounds different than my other soprano ukes), but Kamaka ukes have been built by the same family for all that time.

    The idea of owning a vintage martin (mahogany of course) from the 30s also appeals to me, partially for the same historical reasons as the Kamaka soprano.

    Finally, you might like John King's book "The Ukulele A History". From your op, I think you will enjoy the read.

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    Boy have you hit the nail on the head. I

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    Many uke necks are narrower than expected when transitioning from other lutes. You may decide to get your second uku with a wider nut. If you like that, you may begin seeking an even wider nut!wideneckuke.jpg

    But seriously, I wanted one of each size, then one mahogany, a koa, cherry, spruce, mango...but I did find a holy grail for me: Mahogany, very lightly built, very wide neck and an odd 16" scale with a tiny body. I would probably still like it with a bigger body, but the wide neck makes me feel like I'm cheating.
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    If I were looking for a soprano, I'd order a Ken Timms, or try to find a William King ukulele.
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