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    Default MP tenor

    Don't know much about the MP ukes, except they are luthier built, and seem highy regarded here. Anyway, if anyone is looking, this one seems like a decent deal for $600, with primo case.

    Mike Pereira Ukulele Solid Black Walnut Tenor 2019 Satin
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    You can also check Mims, she is a dealer for MP

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    These are really good tenors ukes. Made in small batches of 4 or 5 at a time. Mike deliberately eschewed all bling and adornment with a satin oil-rubbed finish to keep the price down. The walnut gives it a full, rich, warm woody sound. Well made, comfortable and fun to play.

    The Cali was my first foray into luthier-made ukuleles. I am very partial to MP tenors. Mike is also a great guy.

    A real boomer with low-G strings. I have Low-G Living Waters on my tenor.

    Note the $70 shipping fee in the listing.
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