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Thread: My favorite tune from my favorite player

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    Default My favorite tune from my favorite player

    Hope this is okay to share. It starts at 5:25 on Corey's video here:

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    Beautiful, awesome uke as well! I always enjoy hearing Corey play. I think he should buy that uke!
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

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    Everything about that is amazing. Good thing I can't play tenors, or I'd be trying to figure out what to sell to raise the money to get that ukulele.
    Corey's playing, of course, is wonderful, as usual.

    When did Kinnard switch to the X brace?

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    Gorgeous instrument and gorgeous playing. Corey always makes it look so easy. Thanks for sharing the link good_uke_boy.

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    Smokey Mountain Lullaby. On my list to learn
    Everyone I know who is into the ukulele is 'crackers' so get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves - George Harrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrdr View Post
    Smokey Mountain Lullaby. On my list to learn
    Yup. In case anyone's interested, a tab of Corey's arrangement is here:

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