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Thread: Shaving down a compensated saddle

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    Question Shaving down a compensated saddle

    Hi all,

    I've lowered the action on a handful of ukes by shaving down the saddle slightly; however, I've never done this with a uke that had a compensated saddle.

    Is there any special care that needs to be taken when doing this due to a compensated saddle? I'd assume that as long as I'm consistent about what is removed from the bottom it should not be an issue but I wanted to check first.


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    Yes, you want to be very careful and very consistent, but then again this is assuming that th saddle is perfectly flat on the bottom to begin with. It probably is but maybe it isn't.
    Check first.
    How good is the instruments intonation?
    Not all compensated saddles are accurately compensated to be honest so these days I adjust the top of the saddle under each string one at a time.

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