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Thread: Fishman pickup with MiSi Acoustic Trio

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    Question Fishman pickup with MiSi Acoustic Trio

    Hey folks,

    Quick pickup related question. My current uke has the Fishman PRO-AGO-UKE fitted, and it's great, but the need to use a preamp is kinda annoying at times (I knew this, but the Luthier I used says he only ever fits that pickup to his ukes).

    Anyways, I have another uke on the way that has the MiSi Acoustic Trio which as I understand needs no preamp and you plug it right in

    Long question short - Would it be possible to leave the element from the Fishman pickup under the saddle and change the endpin jack to the MiSi so neither of them need the preamp? I am clueless on these kinda technical things so no idea if it is "compatible" or whatever.

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    Maybe: ?

    I think the MiSi is tuned to a specific piezo impedance and the piezo is soldered to the board; your e probably get off just buying an endpin preamp.
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