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Thread: uke vs car price

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    Default uke vs car price

    My oh my, I just did something that I probably shouldn't have done: I compared my uke cost against my car's cost.

    Now, I don't drive an expensive car; but, still, it shows either that cars are cheap compared to ukes or ukes are expensive compared to cars, take your pick.

    So, add up what you paid for all your ukes and compare that to the price you paid for your car (if you're renting, i.e. not leasing, just use an estimate of the car's price. Yes, I do know people who don't own a car but rent them as needed).

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    New car price compared to what I paid for the ukes I have now? It's probably around 10%. My car is 4 1/2 years old and worth about half what I paid for it. The ukes, on the other hand are probably worth 20% of what the car is worth now...

    The car and the most valuable ukes...
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    I paid more for each of our last 4 vehicles than I paid for my house in 1994. And when my Dad bought their house in 1963, while earning about $1.85/hr, the house was only about $9,000.

    Since my house and my ukuleles are all paid for, I can honestly say that if it weren't for the annual school and property taxes, the instruments would cost me as much every year as I pay for my house. However, when I can start playing out again, no matter how little I earn, I will derive more income from the ukuleles than I do from my house.

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    My ukes altogether cost about 30% as much as my 2021 Outback Touring. Now if you factor in amps, cables, pedals and other instruments (basses, drums, their accessories) I'd be looking at a much higher percentage.
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    You need to include the annual upkeep costs, insurance and mileage depreciation.

    My vehicles are 13 and 30 years old. My wife's is 9 years old. She's in the market for a new one, I am not.

    I like the V6 in my RAV4. I still enjoy driving my 5-speed stick, convertible RX7. It ain't that fast, but it's a lot of fun.
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    LOL! My last moped (which is my car) was about $500 with the upgrades, so they cost more.

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    I bought my Beetle for $1000 bucks. Most of my several ukes are more valuable.
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    My car is 22 years old and I own several ukes and guitars. I figure the combined price of the new instruments was about 50% higher than the price of the new car. I am fairly certain that if I wanted to sell them then I would get more for each of the guitars than for the car.

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    I own about 15 ukuleles, I don’t own 15 cars. So in my mind it’s not a fair comparison. At least that is my rationalization for not doing the math
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    I don't own nor do I lease a car, which is probably the reason I can afford my ukes.

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