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Thread: 6 string: baritone uke, guitelele, 1/4 sized guitar, mini guitar????

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
    A Green; Have you made any decisions?
    I am thinking I may dip my toe into the Mini II or wait for a solid top instrument like the Godin to show up. I have a lot of instruments and not enough space to pick up random cheapies for fun.

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    I was looking for a small guitar too and did some homework on it sometime ago. The mini is smaller and has a solid top version with a wider fretboard, closer to a classical guitar. The mini II is a little bigger and has a narrower fretboard, closer to an acoustic guitar.
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    A Green;

    The Mini II EB-CE is billed as having a solid spruce top. I've gone from 14 on-hand guitars to 1 and feeling indulgent with exploration and space. I used to place a great deal of importance on prices, but I've come to realize that sometimes price is garnered by name recognition which can be misleading. I've also discovered that some low-priced instruments can match higher priced items. In my purchase of the two minis I've shopped and found a used mini on this forum's marketplace and a mint condition II from reverb. I wouldn't call them cheapies, but I would call them reasonably priced and hope they match the qualities noted in their many reviews.

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    Default Cordoba Mini II & Martin LX series both 3/4 sized, ~34 inches total length

    For size reference, overall / total length of the current Cordoba Mini II is same-ish length as Little Martin LX (steel) series...
    873mm 34.375" vs 34".
    Both are 3/4 sized guitars, 4 full inches longer than a baritone uke.

    The Cordoba Mini-M is baritone uke sized

    Scale Length 510mm (20 1/8")
    Neck Shape C Shape
    Nut Width 48mm (1 7/8")
    Neck Thickness 1st Fret 20mm
    Neck Thickness 9th Fret 20mm
    Truss Rod Single Action
    Truss Rod Wrench 4mm Allen Key
    Fingerboard Material Rosewood
    Fingerboard Inlays 4mm Dots - Pearloid
    Frets Total 18
    Color Natural (NAT)
    Finish Satin Polyurethane
    Bridge Material Rosewood with Bridge Pins
    Saddle Material Bone
    Nut Material Bone
    Tuning Machines Cordoba Satin Nickel with Black Buttons
    Tap Plate N / A
    Electronics N / A
    Strings Cordoba Mini Strings - A Tuning
    Included Case Cordoba Mini Gig Bag
    Upper Bout Width 197mm (7 3/4")
    Lower Bout Width 254mm (10")
    Body Depth Upper Bout 65mm (2 1/2")
    Body Depth Lower Bout 75mm (3")
    Body Length 349mm (13 3/4")
    Overall Length 775mm (30 1/2")
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    keeping an eye out for a very special pre-owned concert....

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    Thank you for your assistance in my search. I'm guitar oriented, but the discovery of the Baritone ukulele brought me to this site and the purchase of the Mini and the mini IIEB-CE. This is a very cool forum.

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    Congrats on the O-CE Evan. Like AGF is for guitars; UU is for. ukes.

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    I noted earlier that the Caramel 6 string baritone was my first exploration into a uke played like a guitar. I first ordered the ebony model, was amazed at its quality, sound, and play-- A friend dropped by, saw the instrument, had to have it, and I sold it to him then turned around and purchased the zebrawood model--same level of all-around quality--about 15 minutes ago another friend happened to drop by, saw and played the instrument and had to have one--I sold it to her. I now have the Cordoba mini and Mini IIEB-CE coming in the mail. Mr. Hanks made me buy the mini and I'll be interested to see how it plays and sounds relative to the caramel.

    Mr. Hanks has an almost-fine collection and told me I'd be a fool to not jump on the mini deal offered on this forum, and I took his advice. I notice that his almost-fine collection lacks a certain model that is now for sale in this forum's marketplace--I think he'd be a fool to not jump on the deal or at least make an offer.

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    Yes UU is very much like AGF--composed of civilized, talented, inquiring people not interested in forcing their views on other people and willing to share information. There's something about music that raises us above our normal human pettiness.

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    Just bringing this to the front to help Mr. Hanks pursue his collection.

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    Is your Motif an acoustic/electric? The ads I see do not mention pickups but I saw a photo of a motif with on-board tuner and eqs. Also, do you have a source for the dimensions of the Motif? I've gone to the Godin site and fail to see anything regarding body size.
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