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Thread: Review: Mitchell MU40C Concert Ukulele

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    Default Review: Mitchell MU40C Concert Ukulele

    On my channel & site, I'll review any ukulele, and many times, the budget models are what I can afford, as there is very little income for the work (not complaining, just a fact).

    I saw this Mitchell MU40C on eBay for $29, and bought it.

    I hold a lot of preconceived notions about Mitchell, and it is good to actually hold one in my hands to play.

    This is one of the least attractive ukuleles that I have played, and it was in need of a basic set-up, but the sound was really nice...and the laminate, while clearly low grade, was thin and the instrument sounded nice.

    So if anyone is looking for a "paint the ukulele" project, I'm not sure you will find a better candidate.

    At $79, there are better options. At $55 (it was $59 yesterday) it isn't a bad buy. At $ might be able to ignore the appearance and then solve the setup issues.

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    I had one of those once, it was just sad... big gap bw neck and body. I had it send to my destination while traveling and just left it there. It was $30 and I couldn't ignore those issues.

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