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    24 23.08%
  • Concert

    35 33.65%
  • Tenor

    37 35.58%
  • Baritone

    8 7.69%
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Thread: What Size Uke Do You Most Commonly Play?

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    Default What Size Uke Do You Most Commonly Play?

    When you're playing ukulele, what size is the instrument you're typically playing?

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    It's a jump ball between baritone and concert. Don't play soprano and very seldom play tenor.

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    Have several Tenors already but decided to try a Concert again. I bought two Ukes when I started, a Tenor and Concert. I favored the Tenor and gave the Concert to a friend. I think now that I have some time in and getting some comfort in fretting various chords on Tenors I might be a little more confident to giving a Concert a whirl again. It would be nice to have one Concert for a little variety to add to my collection of Tenors. I didn't find that first Concert real difficult to play but the Tenor was much easier. Guessing the Concert will be worth trying again and probably a bit easier now.

    I spotted an Ohana Concert Solid Spruce top for sale and the seller said he was thinning his herd of Ukes. He said he got it from Mim so I figured I was pretty safe making the buy even though it was on Facebook marketplace. It's a CK70-W and comes with a deluxe gig bag. Guessing the Spruce top Walnut combo is older production and the Spruce Rosewood is current comparable from Ohana. First used Uke for me but I think it should turn out to be a decent purchase that saves some dollars. Looks to be a nice choice and being used I think it will fill the bill to explore a Concert size. Though I admit I really like my Tenors. But variety is the spice of life - right ?

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    I have all sizes except baritone, but I like my tenors best. I have been tempted on getting a baritone.
    "So many ukes, so little money..."

    Kanile'a KSR-T premium koa tenor
    KoAloha KTM-00 tenor
    Rebel Double Cheese spruce/mahogany tenor, my BFF.
    aNueNue AMM3 mahogany tenor
    Romero Creations Tiny Tenor spalted mango
    Romero Creations SK koa soprano
    Pono ATC-PC acacia cutaway tenor
    Kala KA-ASFM-T-C flame maple tenor
    Pono MT-SP tenor
    Cocobolo 5 string tenor #28
    Cocobolo concert #467
    Pono ASD acacia soprano deluxe
    Pono MGS mango soprano
    Brad Donaldson cedar/rosewood custom tenor

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    My first uke was a soprano when I didn't know about the sizes. When I tried to play it, I couldn't squeeze my fingers together enough, so I went to Sam Ash and tried a concert and a tenor. After playing guitar for almost 50 years, tenor is it for me. I also prefer cutaway. In the 1st year of playing, I accumulated 16 ukes, but then culled them to my favorite 4. In the last 8 years I've increased that to 8, which is as many as will fit in my humidified display case.

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly Grove near the Beverly Center
    8 tenor cutaway ukes, 4 acoustic bass ukes, 10 solid body bass ukes, 14 mini electric bass guitars (Total: 36)

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    Soprano, easily. The soprano size just happens to accommodate my style of playing the best. If I'm going for a more melodic type of playing I might grab a concert. I've never gotten on with the tenor size. The scale length is just too big and bulky for me. I like the ukulele for its small body size and in that regard the tenor is just the antithesis of a uke for me.

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    I really like the soprano uke; besides the sound, I think it gives off a feel of spontaneity that the bigger ukes lack.

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    Soprano only. I've got a concert and a tenor, but never play them.

    John Colter

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    I tried a soprano first, but I didn't like the sound. The size I probably could have gotten used to, if I had liked it enough to play it.
    I bought a tenor and it was immediately clear that that was my preferred size. I always pick up a tenor when I'm trying to figure out arrangements.
    During lockdown I started to play my baritone more often, since I was playing on my own I didn't have to transpose in my head. So after a while my hands grew into the baritone, and ever since my uke buddies and me have gotten back to playing socially distanced ouside in the garden, I've started to take my baritone.

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    I initially picked up the uke for when I didn't want to drag a guitar around so a soprano goes in the car when I think I'll be waiting around somewhere with nothing to do. My 1st uke was a concert and I like the size and voice better so I bought a concert Fluke off eBay some years ago for when I want to do more than just noodle around.
    I have a guitar pile and a ukulele pile. A soprano seems to be on top of the ukulele pile most of the time so I guess that's the one that gets picked up most often. Seems like if I want to practice (not nearly often enough) I pick up a guitar unless I want to learn something ukuleley, then the Fluke gets the nod. If I'm in the car or watching the grill I'll probably have a soprano nearby.

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