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Thread: Help I can't stop noodling!

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    Default Help I can't stop noodling!

    I sit all day and noodle with my ukulele. do a little practice, try to improve what I can but start noodling.

    I've searched for cures and have tried to apply anti guitar noodling techniques but I am weak. Weak you hear?

    What's a good ukulele anti-noodling regimen/technique for beginners?

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    Noodle away and enjoy every minute of it.

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    If it’s not causing problems it’s not a problem.

    Don’t noodle in classes. I keep a hook on my music stand so I can stow my instrument when the teacher is talking and remove temptation.

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    You're not noodling, you're playing ukulele. Have fun.

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    Noodling does get a bit in the way of improvement, at least for me. I used to think that any kind of ukulele playing helps with improvement, but I’ve found that noodling didn’t really make me better. It just kills time, but there’s no actual progress because what I do doesn’t stretch my limits, so nothing is learned, no challenges are overcome. It’s like idle doodling when you’re on the phone.

    I don’t think noodling is bad or anything. If you enjoy it, keep on noodling. The only downside I see is that people think of it as practicing and then get frustrated when they don’t get better in spite of the many hours they have spent with the instrument. That happened to me, until I realized that improvement requires overcoming of challenges and deliberate effort. Solutions? Practice material or stuff that is hard, just around the edge of your ability. Use a metronome. Do the things that are difficult for you. Not all the same, just when you actually want to meaningfully practice.

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    I noodle quite a bit (mostly). I run through the chords and progressions I know and if and when something inspires me I'll turn to "learning" it. The new thing I learn then goes into the noodling library and the cycle repeats.

    This is how I progress and I'm not sure I would enjoy just learning constantly. Go at your own pace, noodle, and enjoy. It's a life long thing, don't burn out on thinking you need to be learning a new song every few weeks. Great players aren't made in a few months. Take your time and enjoy the discovery.

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