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Thread: Dislike of Moving Between Different Neck Scales

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    This is all fantastic advice so far!!
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    I don't struggle to switch scales when switching instruments. I do sometimes struggle to switch scales on the same type of instrument. For example, I have no trouble switching from uke, to banjo, to guitar. But I do struggle to switch between soprano and concert (not so much concert and tenor). I think that is because sometimes I learn things in a way on soprano that I might have learned differently on a concert or tenor. The short scale allows (and sometime requires) me to fret things a certain way that may work better fretted differently on a longer scale. I don't think it's even switching scales in general so much as it playing something on a scale that is different than the scale I learned it on. If I learn a tune on soprano I may need to change the way I play it to play it on a tenor...and vise versa. I don't find the switch to be super hard but it usually does require some adjustment and a bit of extra practice. I really only play soprano these days anyway though.
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    There's been quite a plethora of different answers so clearly there's no right answer here. I myself can switch between soprano and concert scales fairly easily but tenor scale is too much in terms of feeling comfortable. The type of music I play between those scales definitely helps me get used to each of them. I mostly play songs with a faster tempo on a soprano whereas I mostly keep to slower and more melodic style songs on the concert. I do have one baritone and I definitely play at an even slower tempo on it and also mostly just accompaniments.

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    At the same time, if there is a place where you feel comfortable- sound, feel, etc, you can just hang there and be happy. Some folks like to play a variety of instruments or sizes, while others like to stick with one. Whatever works!

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