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Thread: Soprano case - wooden hardshell v sturdy alternative

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    Just chiming in on all the good and sound advice above (and repeating some of it, sorry):
    - yes, there are still cases with a wooden core (Ameritage comes to mind, NRP uses them). I don't think Gators have a wooden core, they're rather made of a very heavy ABS with metal rims, but I could be wrong about that. Flight cases are made of wooden multiply.
    - three drawbacks of wooden core cases are bulkiness, weight and price; but when it comes to protection against serious abuse, I think nothing can beat them. Pun intended.
    - glassfiber is stronger than ABS, ABS is stronger than PVC; but they all have some flex in them.
    - cases are better than bags - most damage comes from knocks, kicks and slight falls rather than really heavy pressure, and bags don't really protect much against those incidents.
    - as John mentioned, a good fit is everything; an expensive, heavy duty flightcase is no use at all when your instrument is either rattling about inside, or squeezed in under pressure.

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    I'm still trying to find the "right" case for some of my sopranos without having to purchase an Ameritage, or Martin injection mold case.

    All ears here.
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    The Gator cases I have are wood

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    For dust protection, use anything. For real protection, use a hard case. You don't have to spend $200 on a case. Many of mine cost under $50. I want something to protect it from bumps and short drops. If you plan to do a lot of traveling, you might want something sturdier. You can also modify a case for more internal protection.
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    If you are not in a rush and do not care about colour, the Crossrock ABS and Fibreglass cases have huge price swings on Amazon. Stick one in your cart or set up a watch on and wait for the drop. I bought a few of these for less than half the typical price.

    It would not surprise me if the same were true for other brands, but I have not tracked them.

    For a custom uke and no travel plans a cabinet or windowed display case may be a good alternative.

    If you are a member of Monty Python you can have Adam Savage build you a case. If not, Adam shows how to make your own. If you are a non-traditionalist, a custom case may be the best option for a weirdly sized or shaped instrument.

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