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Thread: what are the best concert ukuleles for under US$250?

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    Default what are the best concert ukuleles for under US$250?

    Alex from SUS recently posted a video about his favorite ukuleles for beginners. He listed 12 concert ukuleles priced up to 200 UK pounds. Since he works at an ukulele store, the list includes only instruments that the store sells. That also means he lists several models from brands like Kai and Snail that are not widely available in the USA.

    If you were going to create a similar list of ukuleles that were easily available from real music stores in the USA (not Amazon), what would you add to his list? The most expensive model on his list costs about $250 in the USA, so try to stay under that price.

    His list is:
    Kai KCI-90
    Kai KCI-100M
    AnueNue U2
    Kala KA-SSEM-C
    AnueNue UC10
    Snail SUC-M1
    Flight MUC-2
    AnueNue C3
    Kai KCI-700
    Ohana CK70R
    Islander MOC-4
    Flight Diana CE

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    I have one of these and adore it. Out of stock at Kala, but maybe it's around somewhere else. The evil Amazon empire?

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    The most recent uke I bought was a HanoHano long neck soprano for $80 and I thought it was much better than any other uke under $350 in that store. But I don't think this is a very common brand.

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    Painting with a broad brush, I'd pick a trusted shop ( , , etc) and not go wrong with anything in your range. Several of the ones on SUS' list are available from those shops.

    Stepping out of those, Flukes and Fleas ( ) just make it into your price range. Mainland ( ) also has a concert that just squeaks in under $250.

    I like quirky and colourful, so I'd probably choose a Flea or the aNueNue AC10 for myself.
    If forced to stay in this price range it'd be the aNueNue - I'd want to upgrade the Flea out of range. This is why I don't have a Flea.

    I have the baritone version of Captain Janeway's Kala Cedar/Acacia and it's brilliant. The concert's in stock at HMS, but a bit out of price range at $270.

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    I think I've seen Snail ukes more and more in certain US based uke shops so I think availability for those is getting better. It's a real shame Kai ukuleles aren't really available in the US. They represent incredible value for the money in my opinion, especially at the more beginner end.

    Aside from the Obvious Kala and Ohana models, you could add so many different Flight and aNueNue models to that list. They have loads of really nice ukes under that $250 price range, aNueNue in particular.

    Brands that spring to mind and were not mentioned in the video include Leolani, which I think is much more common in the US, and Kiwaya, whose Student series are incredibly good for laminate instruments. They just came out with a new tenor model in the Student series - the KTU-1 - which sits just at that $250 / 200 GBP price point.

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