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    I poked my head into a small music store a few days ago. Never been in it and thought I’d check it out.
    Saw a cutaway Tenor. Can’t remember the brand. Gave it a strum and SURPRISE! It was a small, Tenor size guitar.
    And I though, I could restring this as a low G/ high G Tenor.
    But what about the 6th string.
    I’m always thinking of ways to be unique.
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    So you saw a guitalele/guilele?
    Several companies come to mind... Yamaha, Cordoba, Oscar Schmidt, Aria and more..

    The standard tuning for them is ADGCEA. Good entry into guitar playing from ukulele.

    "6 string tenor" typically refers to ukes that have double-courses for some of the strings, rather than a guitar with 6 individual strings.

    If you want to tune the G strings as both high-G and low-G, people tend to go for a 5-string ukulele, which has a double course for the G string only.,

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