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Thread: Tanglewood TWT3 Tiare Concert Ukulele

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    Default Tanglewood TWT3 Tiare Concert Ukulele

    Hi all!

    Has anyone had experience with this particular model (Tanglewood TWT3 Tiare Concert Ukulele)?

    Would you recommend it for a beginner?

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    If this is going to be your first uke, then I wouldn't recommend that Tanglewood as your instrument.

    This Tanglewood is an all-laminate instrument for a high cost (you can do much, much better). Its bridge is screwed down; you want something that is just glued to reduce weight there. It doesn't mention the type of wood for the fingerboard/bridge (it just says "natural wood"); you want a named wood there. The nut is just ABS plastic instead of a brand name. It has no binding while many cheaper competitors have binding (binding protects the uke). It just reeks of cheapness for the cost.

    Look into Kala ukes. They come from the factory with a signed checklist of basic setups guaranteeing action/string height, intonation, etc., i.e. you'll get a playable uke. For a beginner, Kala offers a really competitive uke for the money.

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    Agreeing with clear 100% here, except I'm not a huge fan of mega-Kala.

    If you're in the UK, perhaps be in touch with SUK. They do a QC, and will adjust/setup as needed.

    SUK happens to have the competitively-priced and IMO very nice Baton Rouge instruments for the same price as the TWT3. A little more gets you into some even nicer stuff like the laminate Anuenue, or a Snail.
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