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Thread: Costs for repairing an Electric...

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    Default Costs for repairing an Electric...

    I have this old electric once owned by my dad. I want to repair it to its former glory, but not sure if how much it's gonna cost me. The wiring is pretty messed up and Iwas thinking about just getting that repaired, but if I have enough I was thinking about replacing the pick-ups on it while I'm at it. So what's a nice round number for the amount of money I should save up for this?
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    i know you know this but it depends on what needs to be done and what you want to replace... and what you want to replace it with.

    i had an old epiphone sheraton II, that was working, but i wanted to "rebuild" it. was gonna replace the pickups with alnicos, replace all the potentiometers and knobs, and basically redo all the wiring my way. then i was going to replace all the hardware because the gold finish had tarnished away and looked like trash. when i priced it all out, keeping in mind that i was going to do it myself so no labor costs, i think i quoted myself about $700... just for parts. so instead, i sold her for $250 (about $150 less than any others were going for on craigslist)... priced to sell, and i bought an epiphone les paul in limited silverburst for about $725 with hard case and cable. im happier now. but then again there was no sentimental value with the sheraton.

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