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Thread: The Angel Band (Ten Little Angels)

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    Default The Angel Band (Ten Little Angels)

    Is anyone familiar with this song? It is a traditional folk song that I learned at a music teacher workshop. I'd like to use it for a lesson and play along, but I don't have any chords. I can make some up to go with it, but I was wondering if anyone knows this song already. It's in the key of C.

    The Angel Band (also seen it as Ten Little Angels)

    There was one, there was two, there were three little angels.
    There were four, there were five, there were six little angels.
    There were seven, there were eight, there were nine little angels.
    Ten little angels in the band.

    Oh, wasn't that a band!
    Sunday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday morning!
    Wasn't that a band!
    Sunday morning, Sunday morning soon!

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    Hi! My daughter (in 3rd grade) would like to play her uke on this song along with her recorder choir. Did you ever discover the chords? Would you consider sharing if you did??? Thanks so much for reading!!!

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