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Thread: I'm Yours - NOT trolling!

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    Default I'm Yours - NOT trolling!

    In JJ's thread about songs that can't be covered on uke, thejumpingflea suggested (tongue-in-cheek, I suspect) that 'I'm Yours' was such a song.

    Clearly it can be covered on ukulele. That said, it's so much easier to play in C than in B, but it doesn't sound so good. In B I still stumble over the change from the picking bit to the F# chord.

    I know some people are sick of that tune just as many are tired of most of the songs that have become standard uke-fodder. The studio version of Mraz's single is a bit "meh", but I have to say that the live version from Korean TV is, IMHO, a staggeringly good performance.

    It's a fair song, written around a classic, very common chord progression (I, V, vi, IV), but the version in that video just blows me away. Two guys, one guitar, one djembe and a cymbal show how unnecessary the full band production on the single was. Toca Rivera's backup vocal is perfect, the drum too, and those two guys work really well together on that song.

    That remains one of my favourite videos, even though I'm pretty tired of the studio version of the song, and I know some are just sick of it, period.

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    That version has been on my playlist for months.
    I started to play the ukulele the first of march 2009.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buddhu View Post
    Two guys, one guitar, one djembe and a cymbal show how unnecessary the full band production on the single was. Toca Rivera's backup vocal is perfect, the drum too, and those two guys work really well together on that song.
    You forgot about the gnome!

    I never heard that version before. Thanks for posting this.

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    Strangely, spending less time on Ukulele Underground helped me gain back my appreciation for this song.

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    Buddhu, thanks for the song idea.

    People may be tired of it, but I've been looking for singable*, playable** songs for my 7th & 8th grade students who do a ukulele unit & guitar unit in music class. They have music class 40 min one time a week and can't take the ukes & guitars home, because I have a classroom set for the school.

    *singable= easy range, suitable for group singing, language appropriate for school

    **playable=easy chords & not too many changes

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    great performance there, reminds me of the aol sessions version i first heard a couple years back (before it was added to the latest cd as a single). here's a link to it:

    to my ears the single version has no soul - but live... now that's another story!


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    Fantastic version, I love the original too, just because it's been played soo much on here doesn't make it rubbish, it's great!! Nice find Rick. Just found this handy little program which lets you download and convert the Youtube files, I've just converted it to mp3 and windows media.
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    Very entertaining. I hadn't seen this version before. Thanks!
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    Love this video! Thanks for the link!

    I'm a huge Mraz fan, and I love that he's encouraged taping and sharing of his performances from way back, before audiences were screaming over his vocals.

    Listening to Jason and Toca's perfect harmonies is one of my favorite things.

    Check out the earliest recordings here, and you'll find more like what you've heard on this video.
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    I still love this song.. Its always on what ever playlist Im listening to on my phone. Thanks for the link.. Glad I saw that vid
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