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Thread: He's a pirate tabs?

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    Default He's a pirate tabs?

    Does anyone happen to have the tabs that Sungha Jung plays in this video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandamonium View Post
    Does anyone happen to have the tabs that Sungha Jung plays in this video?
    I don't, but it looks like the chords are different combinations of Dm, Bb, C and G. I bet you could figure it out, or fake it pretty closely.

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    i've wanted those tabs too!!

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    I have it, but only in Guitar pro 5. If you have Guitar pro 5, PM me. (Whatever you do, don't buy that piece of crud guitar pro!)

    I had a uke powertab for it that I found, but I deleted it because it was, as I recall, incomplete and not accurate enough to be worthwhile.

    Edit: I'm going to have to take that back; sorry. The powertab was the guitar arrangement, but my file is broken. The Guitar Pro 5 file is the uke arrangement and after looking at it again, I won't do you the disservice of sending it.

    It really isn't all that hard to figure out. Dm, drop the E string, use a metronome, start slow.
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