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Thread: Building an arch top ukulele

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    I have a Chennell archtop baritone. There is a very noticeable difference in volume between an archtop and flat top. Plugged in or with a mic, is where the magic of an archtop shows. It's my favorite instrument plugged in or if I want that mellow jazz sound acoustically. With the floating adjustable bridge I can use steel or nylon on it.

    Since we're showing photos, here's mine and a bass he did at the same time. I've posted them before so hope you don't mind seeing them again.

    Those are really beautiful archtops. They've always been a favorite style for me and glad to see quality AT' ukes are being made. I searched for awhile looking for a luthier who made them.

    I didn't realize this was the Luthiers Lounge until after I posted. I thought is was a thread on Uke Talk. I tried to delete but wouldn't do it. A good lesson not to post at three in the morning.
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    Interesting idea of being able to change from SS and nylon. I am going to have to build an instrument with the option.

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