I'm a big fan of the Aquila NylGut strings. I've been playing concert ukes for a couple years, now, stringing them up with soprano strings because that's all my local shop ever has. They work fine, so I bought a few sets and now I'm about ready for more sets. I looked online at the gauges for a concert and noticed they are thicker than sopranos. That's fine, I can take a thicker string, but isn't that backwards as far as tension? A longer neck with the same tuning should mean a thinner string for the same tension, right? Maybe that's why sopranos always feel so slack to me, and tenors seem so tight. Maybe it's a breakage issue, i.e. soprano strings on a tenor would break more easily? I may just stick with what I'm used to, but thicker also means LOUDER!!! Actually, my new Mainland concert is due to arrive in week. I guess I'll find out then what concert strings on a concert uke are "supposed to" feel like.

Here's the measurements that I found for Aquila Nylguts in 1/1000s of an inch:

Soprano gCEA - 24.5, 34, 27, 22.5
Concert gCEA - 25, 36.5, 29, 24.5
Tenor gCEA - 28.5, 39, 33, 27