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Thread: Suggestions for soprano with a BIG sound?

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    Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I'm going back one by one and looking into each of them.

    At the risk of sounding too vain, I've never been a fan of Mainland's rope binding. I know many people say that it looks much better in person, so I'm waiting to see one face to face before I buy.

    I'll be doing a lot of youtube searches tonight based on your answers. Thanks!!

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    Default Kala KA-SMHS-worth a look.

    In the UK, at least, Kala have brought out a new model the KA-SMHS. It is solid mahogony with a dark antique appearance with the tortoiseshell edging similar to the KA-ASMS model but seems to have a slightly larger body than the usual soprano. It has good quality friction tuners instead of geared ones. I have recently acquired one of these and it sounds pretty loud to me with the Aquilla strings which come as standard on it.
    One to at least look at perhaps, if you can get hold of it in your area.

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    I have just one word.....and its KIWAYA!!!!!!

    I have my share of Sopranos, Over 20 of them!!!!!!(Ohana, Lehua, Hamano,Bushman, KPK, Fleas, Koaloha, Koalana, Kala)

    I picked up my first Kiwaya from a fellow Uker.... We met in a busy park in the middle of NYC....... This thing was loud and sooo...well balanced.....

    I even got stuck in traffic for one hour and didn't mind because I was playing the uke while I waited .......

    For the money.... The Kiwaya stands out as the winner

    ***** Of of the chinese made ones Koalana (asian Koalohas) are great sounding ukes******

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