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Thread: Can anyone suggestion a (cheap) drum machine?

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    I use Reason, which is expensive computer software I wouldn't be able to afford except a friend gave it to me.

    To try the whole idea out, there are free software drum machines. I'm pretty sure.

    *googling it*

    That kind of thing is fun, too, because you can make your own samples on the computer to use.
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    Doesn't get much cheaper than that, does it?

    I've been writing software for 30 years, and there are still a lot of things that I don't think of doing on a general-purpose computer because you just couldn't "way back then." Go figure...

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    You can run a lot of the drum machine software on older laptops. Get a laptop that costs $50-$100 install free drum machine software and you have a drum machine. Install free recording software and you have a mobile recording studio.

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    if you hsve a pc, not a mac then you can do a lot worse than groove agent, it is pretty comprehensive and easy to use it is not massively expensive but if you really cant spring to it i suspect you will be able to obtain it by other online means however Steinberg stuff is always tricky cracked cos of the dongle, not insurmountable but enough of a pain in the ass if you are not computer literate to make it annoying enough to buy.

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    Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions - I'm not sure what I'll personally end up using, but for anyone else interested (now or in the future) - here's the list of non-metronome solutions for those of us that are not only rhythm-impaired, but also cheap....

    Hardware-based 'Drum Machines'

    Zoom MRT-3 - (or MRT-3B, same thing, just w/ black case) - sells new for $99 currently, and a little bit less used.

    Zoom Rhythmtrak RT-123 and RT-234 - both a little bit older than MRT-3, both sell used in the $50-$80 range currently.

    Stylophone Beatbox - currently new for $25.50.

    Korg Kaossilator - currently new for ~$150.

    Boss DR-550 Mk II - available used in the $40-$60 range currently

    Alesis SR-16 - available used in the $50-$90 range currently

    Online (Free) 'Drum Machines'

    Monkey Machine

    Software-based 'Drum Machines'

    Propellerhead's Rebirth - Free (Windows, Mac)

    orDrumbox - Free (Windows, Mac. Linux)

    Grooveagent3 - (Windows, Mac)

    HammerHead Rhythm Station - Shareware (Windows)

    Beatcraft - $40 (Windows)

    PC Drummer - $49 (Windows)

    Leaf Drums - $30 (Windows)

    iZotope iDrum - $50 (Windows, Mac)
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